Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dinosaur T Shirts from Fuzzy Ink

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Today I will be sharing a T Shirt called  T-Riffic Failure Shirt.  The T Shirt came from a site called Fuzzy Ink. Before I share my thoughts with you though I would like to let you know I was sent the T Shirt for free to conduct the review on.

David is someone who would wear a T Shirt to a Wedding if I would allow it. The more unique the more he wants to wear it. So when I saw this shirt on Tomoson I knew it would be perfect for David. I also knew Charlie would like it as it has a Dinosaur on it.

Once the shirt arrived Charlie grabbed it as he thought it was his. For the first day or two he slept in it. Charlie kept telling his dad it was so comfortable and that it was his PJ's that I thought David would never get to try it out. Who wants to argue with a 5 year old? Not me. My saying is pick your battles and a T SHirt is not worth arguing over. So, I would have just bought another one.

T-Riffic Failure T-Shirt

But then one day Charlie walks into the front room and hands it to David. Charlie tells his dad he wants him to wear it to the park they where going to. David put it on immediately. The size I chose fit him perfectly. The color of blue looked good on him. Plus the design looked really nice.

I asked David what he thought of it and he said he liked it a lot and wanted to know where I got it at as he would like to order some more of there shirts. David wore  it down to his mom and dads and his daughter Leslie told him she wanted it and he should give it to her. So know I am going to purchase both Charlie and Leslie one of there own. It will be nice to have them all with the same shirt and I will take a picture for David's  mom.As  I know she will like having it as she does not have one of all three of them.

The material on the shirt is soft and it did not draw up once it was washed. The design does not fade and peel off like a lot of shirts I have bought. I love how well it is made. The sewing on it is done so well that the T Shirt does not snag.

I think it would make a wonderful Gift. I have shared Fuzzy Ink with several people who wear        
T Shirts and they all found some they like. So I can tell you I will be shopping with them in the future as I hate buying T Shirts in the local stores as it seems everyone has the sames ones and I like to be different

Sweet Home Alligator V-Neck

Charlie saw this one and he feel in love with it. I also showed the site to David and he liked that they carry the Mustache shirts and has asked for one of them. The one he liked the most is of the M & M Guys. You should check it out as it is so cute. You can see it if you use this link

They even have prints to hang up and when  I saw this one I  thought it would look cute in Charlies room.

 CATch Me If You Can Print

Or how about a phone case?

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If you are looking for a "dinosaur shirt"  or a  "mustache shirt"  Please check out . Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Glenda, Charlie and David

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