Thursday, July 25, 2013

David's Birthday

Bon App├ętit!

Davids Birthday is this Friday and so this morning when the little one got up with me we decided that we would browse online for some items we could purchase for his Birthday. So since we are in the new house I decided that we could look for some knives for him as he loves to cook and has been saying we need some nice ones. Since we have gotten married this is not something we have ever bought for ourselves.

So I found a new store I had not looked at before and it is called Bon Appeetit and I must tell you they have such a huge variety of items that I could have stayed all day looking and never gotten tired. I asked Charlie what he thought of the store and he said the same thing I did.

I asked him if he found anything for his dad as we wet through all the catagories on the store and he said he not only found items for his dad but also for his Aunt for Christms and for his granny as well. I asked if he found anything for himself and he said "well of cours". Then I asked if he found something for me and he said he could not say as it would not be a surprise. So I am sure that was a yes.

Charlie and I clicked on the bar section for David and also the Coffee section but they said coming as they are expanding and that is OK as it gives us something to look forward to.

Here is the knives I found for him but if this is not your style of knives then you can visit this link  as there is many more on there.  It is called the Guide Delta Series Steak Knives.

4 pc. set

Once on the site I saw a coupon off on the knives and so now would be a wonderful time to purchase them. If you are like me and like to save money. Plus before we know it Christmas will be here and you will need lots of Gifts.

Lemon Green
My dad has been wanting a new skillet to cook Fried Chicken in and I found this one on the site and there is a lid to it. So this would make a wonderful Gift for him. If you are not found of green it comes in other colors but I think it is a fun color.

Just from Bon Appetit alone I will be able to purchase everything I need in my kitchen and I will have top quality products and not have to worry about them falling apart and replacing them in a year like I do the ones we have now.

So before I give away everything on the site I would just like to ask for you to visit it. Once you do let me know what you found that you can not live with out. As I have a coupon you can use to save on the purchases you make

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