Monday, August 24, 2015

iPhone 6 Case, by Ravierri- Screen Protector

iPhone 6 Case, by Ravierri- Slim Fit & Crystal Clear and it comes with a free gift.  I like knowing it covers the Apple iPhone as this is what my sister just purchased for herself. But she did not get a Screen Protector so Charlie and I will be giving this to her as she is always doing nice things for us.

Plus my sister works in a Medical Records Office and has dropped and cracked her screen on 2 other phones so having this will keep her phone safe. As well as save her money as her phone will be less likely to break. Which is a good thing. If she likes it I am sure she will also purchase one for my niece and nephew as they have the same phones. 

I am excited that it keeps the phones from being scratched as Charlie likes playing games on Debbie's phone and I have seen him pick up things to use to make things on the game move. Such as a quarter which could cause the screen to scratch. 

I like that the case is light as it makes it easy to carry. Plus it makes it easy to fit inside our pockets as it does not take up much room. I also like that with the case on the phone I can still see my sisters phone. I was afraid it might not fit right but it did. All the buttons was in the right place and using them as well as taking pictures worked out well. 

I love that it comes with a Guarantee as I do not have to worry if I have a problem with my phone and the case as well as the screen protector. All in all this is my favorite case and screen rotector of all times. I can not wait to get my own iPhone 8 by Apple so I can purchase this for my phone as well as my husbands. 

Product Description

iPhone 6 owners agree that Ravierri's Case is the best for protecting against scratches, marks and daily wear. This flexible ultra-slim iPhone case is 50% thinner than competitors', yet the flexible structure fits the phone perfectly without leaving any loose sides. Plus, you'll love the crystal clear texture that allows you to customize the looks of you phone by adding pictures with the loved ones between the phone and the case.
The double sided skin gives you double the advantage. The outer side reduces slipping, and the inner side prevents that annoying vacuum between the case and the back of the Note 6 phone, so it preserves the great looks of your device.
Even after thousands of selfies, texts, and status updates, you will be proud to show off this case. You'll be the envy of your friends while you keep your phone safe and your pocket thin with the slimmest case for iPhone 6 and GalaxyNote6.
Most importantly, this iPhone cover comes with a free screen protector that allows you to keep your phone protected 360°, without spending the extra bucks.
Dare To Compare! Go ahead and compare Ravierri's iPhone 6 case to any other on the market. Once their cases bulk up your pocket, get loose sides and become yellow quickly, feel free to come back and use the Ravierri case.
However, your iPhone would prefer it if you'd be kind to him and order a slim case with free screen protector, for an amazing price now.
Thank you, 
Glenda, Charlie, David Cates

Sunday, August 23, 2015 Giveaway Hosted by Kelly's Thoughts On Things

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Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

Charlie's First Day in 2nd Grade is tomorrow.

All I can say is how can he be in 2nd grade? Where did the time go? Is there a way to go backwards because before we know it he will be grown and married.

So I have been planing on a "Back to School Party" since the beginning of Summer when we held a
End of Year Party"!! Only Charlie decided at the last moment he did not want one. Nor did he want to do anything special. So we stayed home and AJ and Charlie just played in the yard.

So David ran to the store to get some Dog Food and a couple other items we needed. While there he picked a cake up because he knew how bad I wanted to get one for Charlie. Which totally surprised me and Charlie.

Especially since it had the Whipped Icing I liked. As well as his name done in the shade of blue Charlie likes. As well as a picture of a Owl on it because this is what my mom liked and collected when I was a child.

So this cake meant a lot to me as it will be two years on the 25th that my mom has been gone. She missed Charlies first day of school which I hated. Because she had waited for it for ever. So today Charlie and I would like to invite you to have a piece of cake with us.

Let me tell you both David, Charlie and I had a slice and it was so "YUMMY"!! I could have eaten more of it!!!

I love you and miss you so much!!
I wish I could give you one more "Hug!!

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seekingtag Photo Booth Props Diy Kit(62pcs)

Photo Booth Prop Sign Printed on 65 Lb Card Stock White

This is a review on Seekingtag Photo Booth Props DIY Kit which has 62 pieces in it. I was sent a code on the site called Giveaway Services to purchase this kit with. But the thoughts in the review are all mine and my families and no one else.

I wanted to use these as I knew Charlie would enjoy making cards for our friends and family using them. So once they arrived Charlie and I sat down and created some fun back to school invitations for him to give to his friends inviting them to a "Back to School" party we was hosting. Even though they say they are not for children we used them for the adults invitations and the kids liked them so much that they asked us to make some for them.

Especially the boys who liked the Mustaches in all the different shapes and colors. Plus the glasses they could add to them. It was so much fun seeing all they came up with. We laughed and laughed and laughed and could not stop. Even the parents ended up getting involved and seemed to have more fun than the children.

The girls also had a lot of fun as we went and picked up some Boa's to add to there pictures. As the crowns was such a hit and looked good with the Boa's.Plus the girls liked the sunglasses and could not stop changing them out with the other hats. Which surprised me as I thought the girls would not like the hats but they did.

Inside the kit was the following items  I just wish there was a little more variety but the kids was fine with what was inside the kit. As for the colors they liked them a lot as well. But I wish there had been a few more colors as it would have went with more things.

I liked that it came with the Double Sided tape and that there was a variety of shapes and sizes as it allowed us to have the right size for everything we did. Plus there was extra encase we made any mistakes and with children we might have but we didn't which surprised me.

I wish I had taken pictures but the kids and I ended up so busy and having so much fun that I did not even think about it. Which is fine because this just means I will need to order them again and we can all have fun playing again and seeing what new things we come up with. Because this time we was "Making Summer Memories" for "Back to School"!!

10 lips
-20 mustaches + 1 beard with a pipe
-4 bow ties + 3 regular ties
-19 glasses
-3 hats
-1 pipe + 1 crown

Product Description

Fantastic party with this props bring you great fun with friends 
Different props for your phtography 
The props come in complete sets, including bamboo stick, scrapbooking paper, stickers and glue 
Can be used on wedding, birthday and other parties 
Large size for adults, not for children!
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin Pan - 12Cup Promotion

Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin Pan-12Cup Promotion - Image 2

This is a Giveaway I am conducting for Giveaway Services and Pistoria Bakeware in exchange for a code to purchase Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin Pan- 12Cup pan. The thoughts in thereview are all mine and my families in exchange for the code.

Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin Pan-12Cup Promotion - Image 1
When Suzzane was little I was always Baking. But since I have lost her I have lost the desire to bake. But Charlie has been taking cooking classes and has been going down to his grannies to make cakes. Since I do not do this with him. So to get more one on one time with Charlie I had been searching for items to add to our kitchen so I can start to bake with him.

So once our Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin pan arrived I asked Charlie what he would like to make and he said Brownies would taste good. But since I wasn't sure Brownies would work I asked Charlie about making Muffins or cupcakes. Charlie decided we should make Chocolate Cupcakes wit Sprinkles.

So we ran to Walmart to pick out the items we needed for the cupcakes but by the time we got home his friend AJ was here so we decided to wait until he went home. But since I wanted to try out the pan I decided to make some Banana Nut Muffins.

I was afraid the Muffins would stick as I  forgot to spray the pan but that was not the case. They popped right out. But the next time I will go ahead and spray the pan. But knowing it will work without the Spray is good because sometimes I am out of it. I also liked how easy the pan was to clean as I stuck it in a sink of soapy water and by the time I was ready to wash it most of the food had come out and I just needed to rinse it. Then dry it and put it up. I like that it is Silicone and not plastic as it will no rust like a lot of my pans have done in the past.

Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin Pan-12Cup Promotion - Image 3

I also put it in the Dishwasher when I made mini Meatloaf's and even though the Meatloaf had burned on it came out nice and clean and I did not have to spend a lot of time standing over the sink scrubbing the pan. Which was a huge plus in my book.

I will be buying more of these cupcake pans for myself but to give as Gifts as well as they are so well made and they work so well. Plus I think they should be used in Bakery's and restaurants as it would save them time as it holds 24 cupcakes and it is very easy to clean. Plus they would last and  I would not need to worry about replacing them all the time.

Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin Pan-12Cup Promotion - Image 4

Product Details

Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin Pan - 12Cup

The Pistoria Bakeware Silicone Muffin & Cupcake pan is the highest quality silicone baking pan you will find. 

Made from 100% pure, BPA and Phtlate free, FDA and LFGB (Highest European standard) silicone, this pan will deliver perfect results, every time. 

Stop wasting time scrubbing pans after you've finished baking! 

With this pan, the muffin/cupcake will pop right out, leaving little to be cleaned up. 

A little soap and water, or, simply throw it in the dishwasher as this pan is 100% dishwasher safe!

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Caron & Doucet Cuisine Cutting Board Oil

This is a review I am conducting for Giveaway Services and Caron & Doucet Cutting Board Oil. As I was given a code to purchase Cutting Board Oil but the thoughts in the review are all mine and my families
Cutting Board Oil Promotion - Image 1
David loves to cook and is always using a Cutting Board for different things and sometimes they do not look as clean as I would like them to. Or they seem to be splitting which makes me worry there is food in there that might make us sick. So I usually throw our cutting board away every couple months as I did not know there was a oil you could use to prolong the life of a cutting board. But now that I do I will never be without Caron & Doucet Cuisine Cutting Board Oil as it made my cutting board look brand new when we used it. There was a nice scent that went away after a little bit. The oil is absorbed into the wood so there is no aftertaste which I liked. It did not leave the board greasy nor did it make the food we was cooking greasy. 

I have even used the Cutting Board Oil on some Wooden Salad utensils I have had for years an after using it on them they looked brand new and now I would not mind using them in the Salads we make as I know they will be cleaner than when I just wash them with plain water. 

All in all I think anyone that cooks and uses a wooden cutting board should try out Caron & Doucet Cutting Board Oil especially restaurants as it will keep there clients healthier and is much safer than a plastic cutting board. 

Product Details

Cutting Board Oil

This cutting board oil is formulated using 100% natural plant based ingredients such as refined coconut oil.

Made with 100% natural plant based materials making it a safe option around food.

Does not contain mineral oil which is a petroleum product.

This lightweight refined coconut oil base composed of 100% natural ingredients provides exceptional protection for your kitchenware.

Scented using savoury essential oils that naturally help to eliminate unwanted food odours.

Make sure you enter the Giveaway on                                                                                           Caron & Doucet Cuisine


Give Away C & D

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life can change in the Blink of a eye with a child. As Charlie choked last night.

Last night I was in my room watching TV when I decided to turn it off and come into the front room and check something on the computer. Which I am not sure why I decided to do this. But thank "GOD" that I did. As Charlie asked me for a hot dog and I fixed it for him. I told Charlie to take it and go into his tent and close the door so the dogs wouldn't bother him.

So  started to get busy and I hear Charlie start to walk towards me when all of a sudden I hear him making a awful sound I look up and there is a stricken look on his face and I can tell he was having trouble with the Hot Dog he was eating. Part of it had gotten stuck in his throat and Charlie was chocking.

I was so scared and almost froze in my seat. But thank "God" I didn't because if I had of I might have lost Charlie as he would have died. So even without thinking I jumped up and grabbed him and started to pound him on the back as I could not remember what else to do. Finally the Hot Dog started to come out out.

But he would not spit it out as he did not want to get it on the floor which I did not care about and I kept telling him to spit it out as it was coming up and once he started to do that he ended up getting all of it out of his throat and could breathe.

Once he was better all Charlie kept saying was "THANK YOU" mom for saving my life. Now I may or may not have done the right thing. Which is "OK" because at least Charlie is here today and he might not have been.

Will this happen again? It might. Would I do the same thing? I am not sure but what I can tell you is my entire family is going to take a CPR class and I am going to print out this print out I found online so we will know what to do if it does happen in the future.

Because even though my mother n law knows what to do and is around the corner there was no time to call her or even 911 as it would have taken precious minutes  I needed to help my son with. Once it was all over and I called David to let him know what happened he was so upset I was surprised he did not leave work to come home and check on Charlie.

Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Laser Print Paper from Hammermill and #shopletreviews


With Charlie returning to school on the 24th of August and his being in second grade we was not sure if he would need a computer or a printer for his homework. So David went into the office the other day and brought my printer into the front room so I would have it for Charlie if I needed it.

But also for me for work and for David to make copies of his paperwork. But we both thought we had copy paper only it turned out that I did not have any. So when I was online and found out that Shoplet was looking for Bloggers to review Hammermills Laser Print paper I knew I needed to apply.

But I was not sure I was approved and was getting ready to go out and pick up some paper when the mailman dropped a package off to my mother n law and it turned out to be a package from #shopletreviews and I was so excited as it had the Laser Paper from Hammermill I wanted to try out inside the box. As well as a Coffee Mug.

Once Charlie saw the paper he was so excited as he had been wanting to make a card for his teacher and he asked if he could have a couple sheets to draw on and I let him as I wanted to see how it would work. It did wonderfully on the card. Once he was done he asked to make a copy of it to give to his Music teacher as well. So we hooked up the printer and printed a copy out and it turned out perfectly.

This Laser Paper from Hammermill can be used for so many things that it is now my go to paper. Because I can use it to write out our grocery list. Charlie can use it for school. David for work and me for things I need to print off the computer for the Blog. Plus I can share it with my mother n law as she does work for my father n laws trucking company and is always printing things out for it.

If you have not heard of Hammermill you can find them on and if you have not had the chance to try out there Laser Paper you should as it will make both work and school assignments so much easier to complete.

Both Charlie and David says this would make a nice Christmas Gift for anyone that needs to print out a lot of papers. As it is jam free. It does not smear. Plus it looks more professional than some other brands of paper I have used in the past. Plus it does not tear like a lot of paper I have used in the past.

I like knowing there is other items from Hammermill that I can purchase on as it will make "Back to School Shopping" pain free!! Especially since we can shop online and not have to leave home which will save both time and money.

Also in this package was a Coffee Mug which both David and Charlie claimed as soon as we opened the package. So I am not sure who will end up with it. But it was a nice treat as it was a pretty dark blue and it is very well made. It is heavy which will keep it from breaking. But not to heavy that you can not use it everyday. You can sit it on your desk to hold pencils or change or do like Charlie does and drink Chocolate Milk out of it. I would drink hot tea out of it if I was allowed to use it. But I do not think I will be able to since both David and Charlie think the Coffee Cup is there's.


I was sent both the Coffee Cup and the Laser Paper from Hammermill for free to conduct the review. But the thoughts in the review are all mine and mine alone.


Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

Accuoz Luggage Scale

Luggage Scale Promotion - Image 1

I had saw the Luggage Scale with Digital Display Built-in-Backlight for Easy Reading from Accuoz.   Giveaway Services and with the way the airlines are changing the amount of luggage you can bring on a plane. I knew it would come in handy. Not that I ever plan on getting on a plane. But my sister does sometimes and also David is wanting to take Charlie on a plane. So this would make traveling easier for them. As they do not listen to me when packing so they can now call the Airport and see how much weight there suitcases should weigh and use the scale to make sure they do not go over. 

I like that it is lighted and that the Battery comes with it. Knowing it is easy to use and can be done with one hand is a plus. As Charlie is only 7 and he can do it himself which makes Charlie feel grown up. I like that the numbers are big and easy to read. 

I love that the scale is small as it will fit not only in my suitcase but my purse as well. So I will always be able to weigh our luggage no matter where we are at. Plus we would be able to share it with anyone who travels with us. 

If you know of anyone who travels a lot it would make a nice Gift for them. I think it should be kept on all planes and sold in airport Gift Shops. If you have not seen it you can find it on Amazon at:

Luggage Scale Promotion - Image 4

Product Details

Luggage Scale

Luggage Scale with Digital Display Built in Backlight for Easy Reading

Do you make these travel mistakes?

- Arrived at the airport to find out you over packed now you need to pay a huge airline luggage overweight fees? 

- Want to stop using your floor scale to weight your luggage? 

- Tired of moving items from one luggage to another at the airport? 

- Would you like to make packing easier?

No more extra baggage fees! Introducing your very own Accuoz Luggage Scale to the rescue!

- Designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to use. 

- Built-in backlight for easy reading. - Versatile with strap and not just stuck to a hook design. 

- Max weight 110lbs/50g. 

- Zero and Tare Function: Switch on/off (press for 2 seconds to turn off or it will auto turn off within a minute of no use) and press again to show zero weight. 

- UNIT Function allows easy viewing between weight in pounds or grams, press again to view temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit as new bonus feature. 

- Auto lock weight. 

- Low battery/over load indication. 

- Battery included 1*3v lithium cell(CR2032).

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Ramkon Universal CD Slot Grip Mount Holder- Works With Any Smartphone

 Ramkon Universal CD Slot Grip Mount Holder- Works With Any Smartphone

Car Mount, Ramkon CD Slot Grip Mount Holder for the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, LG G4, Asus ZenFone 2, Apple iPhone 6 6 Plus, iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Nexus 5 4, HTC M9 - 1 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY

Both my sister and my husband are famous for searching for there phone while driving. Which scares me to death because I am afraid they are going to cause a wreak. So once my Ramkon  arrived I took it out to our car to see if it would mount  in our CD slot and since it came with different pads it worked perfectly. I was so glad it did not call for installation as I was able to put it in myself and not wait for David to do it for me. Which might never get done with him.

Once it was in and we let to go to the store Charlie asked to listen to a CD and David started to take our Ramkon Universal CD Slot Grip Mount Holder down. But I let him know the CD would work with it in place. David was surprised about that and tried it and it worked perfectly.

Then I let David know he could run the air and heater with it in place and it would not mess up his phone. Which he liked a lot. So since both Charlie and David wanted to see if that was true David turned on the air and it did not affect the phone at all. 

As David and I drove along I could see he was thinking about the Ramkon as he kept looking at it. So I asked David what he was thinking and he said he would like for my sister Debbie to try it out as it would keep her safer. I let him know I thought so as well. 

So once she came over we put it in her car and know she does not want to give it back which is fine as it keeps her safer and I can get us another one from Amazon. Plus with Christmas approaching I am going to buy several to give as Christmas gifts as my mother n law and father n law can use them and they will keep them safe. 

So all in all this has been a huge help in keeping my family safe and I would recommend it for anyone who drives and uses a Cell phone.

Product Description

INTRODUCING RAMKON GRIP CD SLOT PHONE MOUNTThe Ramkon Grip CD Slot Phone Mount is a sturdy and attractive device holding system focused on simplicity. It can be easily installed onto your vehicle's CD slot without assembling any parts. Ball head design allows 360 degree rotatable view on both landscape and portrait views. Designed with drivers in mind.

No assembly required
- Universal car mount fits most smartphones including:
    - iPhone 6/6+/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3
    - Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3
    - Nexus 5/4

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pme3ba318b55322c2ab58890a6c3b1e350

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SpongeBob Juniors Pajamas Giveaway Hosted by: Southern Mom Loves

Welcome to the Giveaway and Good luck. If you win a pair come back and let me know!!

This post contains affiliate links.

Aren't these just so cute? If you won them would you keep them for yourselves or to give as a Gift? If you give them as a Gift who would you give them to.

Welcome to the Richard Leeds SpongeBob Pajamas Giveaway Event!

Hosted by: Southern Mom Loves

Sponsored by: Richard Leeds International

It's Back To School time, and while you're shopping for clothes, backpacks, and supplies, don't forget some fun new PJs to help the kids transition back into those earlier bedtimes. I know nothing will get my kids more excited about bedtime than a new pair of pajamas! 

Richard Leeds International makes some of the best pajamas out there, with characters from your favorite movies, comics, and TV shows. These pajamas are made in super-soft cottons with bright, imaginative designs. This uber-affordable Juniors line is available exclusively at Walmart in-store and online.

14 winners will each receive both a pair of PJs AND a Dorm Shirt from Richard Leeds International! (ARV $419)!

Each winner will be sent a set of pajamas AND a dorm shirt in a randomly chosen SpongeBob SquarePants design (shown above), in their size as they state it in the Giveaway Tools widget below.

Enter below, the odds are fantastic!

Giveaway begins on 8/12/15 at 1:00 am CST and ends on 9/2/15 at 11:59 pm CST. Must be 18 years or older, open to residents of the US only.

Disclaimer: The participating blogs were not compensated for this post. No purchase is necessary to enter. One entrant per household, per address. All entries will be verified. Void where prohibited by law. Winner will be contacted by email; Please add to your whitelist. Richard Leeds International will be responsible for prize delivery to the winner. This giveaway is in no way administered, sponsored, endorsed by, or associated with Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest, or any other social media platform.

Contact Holly at if you have any additional questions or comments, or would like Southern Mom Loves to organize your next giveaway.

Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Are you in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas?

If so I would like to invite you to this event. As my family is thinking of going as we would like to see what they have to offer for our son who will be returning to school next week.

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

Summer Night Fun Giveaway Part 2 Hosted by: Holiday Contest and Sweeps

Summer Movie Night Fun Giveaway Part 2

Hosted By:
Co-Hosted By:
to bring you a great event named "Summer Movie Night Fun Giveaway Part 2".
This giveaway will bring the winner 14 great DVDs as shown below.
Prize Package:
Kids and Family
·         Ugly Benny
·        Fire Birds
        No Good Deed
Horror and Sci-Fi (Releasing July 21st)
·         Classic Horror - Five, The Mad Magician, Man Who Turned to Stone, Terror of the Tongs - 4 Movie Pack
        Vintage Sci-Fi Movies - 6 Films –The 27th Day,The H Man, Valley of the Dragons, 12 to the Moon, Battle in Outer Space, Night the World Exploded
·         Married With Children Season 11
·         Archie Bunker’s Place Season 1
         Ford-The Man & The Machine - The Event Biography Mini-Series
        Son of the Dragon - The Legendary Mini-Series Event
        The Summit - The Bio-Terrorism Event Mini-Series
        The Fire Next Time - The Cataclysmic Event Mini-Series
A Big Thank You To Our Sponsor
This giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter
or any other Social Media Networking Site. This giveaway is valid in the Continental
United States only and entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. 

This giveaway will
end at 12:00 AM (EST) 9/8/15

Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any form of compensation for this giveaway in any form. Mill Creek Entertainment will be totally responsible for the awarding and shipping of the prizes directly to the winners. Winners will have 48 hours once notified by email to reply with the requested information before another one is selected.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates 

$40 Paypal Giveaway Hosted By: Lil' Blog and More

My dream house would have a wrap around porch

If I had this home I would never go inside as I would live on this PORCH. How about you??

But not only that it would be a older home like from the 50 and 60's as the rooms are usually bigger. Plus a lot of them come with land. So every time David and I think about purchasing a home I keep saying a "older home" please as we can get so much more in it than a new home. Plus they have more character and hidden gems in them.

What type of house would you like? Would it be a newer home or older? In this home what would be your dream item? For me I would say it would be a Garden Tub but I have that in our trailer and I love it. Or would it be a Fireplace? Which I also have in this trailer.

So you see in a way this is my dream home but there is no porch of any kind and no where to plant flowers. We do have a yard but it is tiny and it is all red dirt which is horrible. Plus no grass will grow in our yards. Also there is no where to put a swing or sand box or even club house for Charlie which I hate!!

So as I was browsing online today I found homes made from Barns and I would like to see about finding a barn and turning it into a home for Charlie and I as I know it would have plenty of character and also plenty of room. I can see it being decorated in western decor which is my favorite style of furniture.

On this barn I would be able to add a wrap around porch as well as a Balcony to turn into a play area for Charlie to play on. Or we could add window seats and cushions and make it a reading area. Which would be something I would enjoy because it would give me a chance to get away from everyone. Which is something I desperately need right

If you would like to know about Barns being turned into homes check out this article I found on This Old House at:,,20829940,00.html?xid=hi-150818-run-down-barns-turned-into-family-homes&TOH
If you do take a look let me know which Barn/Home you would chose and why.

As for Charlie he would like the white one and David would like the one with the Trailer in front of it. As for me I would like the redish brown one in the top corner. As it looks more like a home that a Barn. But each of these makes me wish I could see inside them as I would love knowing how they decorated them.

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


Dropprice is an innovative startup that rewards moms for being social. Essentially, they empower moms to drop prices of kids & baby products with a click. The price continues dropping as more moms click “Drop the price”. Every week new promotions are launched and moms drop prices by sharing them on social media. See the chart below to understand the power moms have and how

important it is to share with other moms.
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Glenda, Charlie, David Cates 

Time Jumper by Emily Hart

Displaying Time Jumper Banner 851 x 315.png

Teleportation. Telepathy. Superior strength and speed. Abilities she never wanted.

Emily Heart used to have a normal life. A life filled with family, friends, and a

warm bed to sleep in. But that was before the night of The Taking. The night when

she was abducted and genetically transformed against her will.

Now she's lost everything and living on the streets of Glassford Park, struggling to

stay alive one more day. But it won’t be easy. Not when a gang wants to kill her,

cops want to arrest her, and a reporter wants to expose her.

However, Emily’s problems don’t end there. Any uncontrolled burst of emotion

can send her jumping randomly across time and space, arriving naked and alone. If

she's not careful, she could travel to infinity and beyond, never to be heard from

Emily doesn't quite know what she is, or what she's capable of, but she knows what

she can't afford to do -- feel anything.

And she can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Available at Amazon

Chapter 1:

Emily Heart pushed through the burning pain in her chest and thigh muscles, convincing

her legs to run faster. She dodged a park bench before jumping over a homeless man lying under

Her mind’s eye could see the gunman aiming his sights at the back of her head and

squeezing the trigger, sending the bullet out of the barrel and downrange with supersonic intent.

She leaned to the left, letting the round whiz past her fifteen-year-old body. It took out the

headlight of a cement truck parked across the street near the alley behind Glassford Street.

The flickering specks of blue light were fading in her vision. It wouldn’t be long before

she turned normal again. She would then be unable to see through the gunman’s eyes, or sense

the cold blackness of hate she could sense in his heart.

She bent forward at the waist, using a low-profile running pattern, hoping she’d make it

safely to the alley. She ran through the grass at the edge of the park, over the sidewalk and hit the

asphalt, racing across the empty lanes of the street.

More gunshots rang out, one after another in quick succession. She couldn’t see where

the bullets were headed, telling her the link with the shooter was broken. Bricks and mortar

exploded all around her as the hailstorm of rounds missed her. They hit the side wall of an old

warehouse covered in spray paint and gang signs. She turned right, just before the cement truck,

“Don’t lose me!” she yelled at Junie, who was sprinting in front of her, a book bag

bouncing on the back of her rail-thin body. Emily was falling behind, unable to keep up with the

speed and endurance of her twelve-year-old friend from the homeless shelter.

A minute later, she heard another round of weapons fire erupt as she was nearing the far

end of the block-long corridor, plinking and ricocheting off the walls around her. She felt the

wisp of a bullet fly through strands of her flowing red hair. It took out the painted window on the

wall ahead of her, shattering it into a million shards of colored glass.

She looked back and saw the gang leader standing at the entrance to the alley, changing

the magazine in his weapon. His crew came running into view, just catching up to him.

She made the corner and ran further down the passageway, which stank of garbage and

sewage. She hurdled a pothole, then flew over a garbage can laying on its side, almost losing her

balance in the process. But she managed to keep her feet under her while her shoes pounded the

Faster, she told herself, faster! She pushed her feet to their tripping point, trying to draw

more blood and oxygen than her teenage body could deliver. Her legs wanted to quit—so did her

She pressed on, looking ahead, trying to spot Junie, but she couldn’t see her anymore.

She turned another corner and saw a scrawny, dirt-covered leg sticking out from behind a pile of

stained mattresses leaning against the wall. She ducked in and grabbed her friend by the

shoulder, dragging her eighty-pound frame forward.

“Run, baby, run! Don’t stop! One more corner and we’re there! It’s on the left!”

Emily had learned over the past two years of living on the streets of Phoenix that the

blistering summers were endless and miserable, and so were the nights, keeping most of the

normal people indoors. She knew that nobody was watching, and nobody cared. There would be

no rescue. Not at this time of night, and not in this part of town. It was up to her to get Junie to

safety before the shooter and his crew killed her.

She felt a familiar tingle start to grow at the base of her spine when she turned the last

corner. “Oh, no! Not now! Not again!” she cried, trying to steady her nerves as she caught up to

Junie, who was squeezing her skinny body behind the dumpster.

She couldn’t let it happen. Not so soon. She’d barely recovered from the last time. She

needed to focus all her attention on Junie, and let the balance of her emotions run dry. It had only

been four days since she’d met her fiery companion in the homeless shelter, but she felt a strong

connection with this girl, even though she barely knew her. She didn’t know why, but something

inside of her told her to protect Junie. She was important somehow, not just another homeless

girl with a deadbeat mother nobody cared about.

She followed Junie behind the garbage bin and into the hidden doorway; darkness

engulfed them. “Down the stairs. And stay quiet,” she told Junie in a whisper, locking the door

“Go slow and use the handrails. There are twelve steps. Count ‘em as you go.”

They made it down the steps and through another doorway that led into a basement

storeroom. It was piled high with junk and old restaurant equipment that had been mothballed by

the owner. Emily knew this place well, spending at least one night a week there in recent months.

It was her secret hiding place where she could escape the insanity of the city.

An emergency exit sign hung over the inside of the door that she’d just entered,

showering an eerie redness over the scene. On the wall to the left stood another door. It led to a

flight of stairs that rose up to the kitchen of a high-end Italian restaurant. Emily had made friends

with the eighteen-year-old busboy, Parker, who was also a volunteer at one of the local shelters.

When he was the last one to leave for the night, he’d push the red dumpster close to the door as a

signal to Emily that the door was unlocked and she was welcome. She’d swoop in around

“Over here,” Emily said, gesturing to a huge metal cabinet with rusty hinges that was

standing next to a stack of Styrofoam coolers. “I think we lost them.”

Junie’s chest heaved in and out as it worked to recharge her lungs after the long run.

“I can’t feel them anymore,” Emily replied, equally as winded.

Emily quickly opened the white cooler sitting on top and put her hand inside, pulling out

a cellophane-wrapped peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana. As usual, Parker had left

the food for her in the top cooler with a chilled Pepsi acting as ice to keep the contents from

spoiling until she arrived. She tore the cellophane off, split the bread down the middle, and gave

“Here, eat while you can,” she said, before stuffing the sandwich into her mouth, chewing

Junie did the same, smiling, with peanut butter stuck to her teeth. “Sea food,” she said

Emily laughed. “We have a banana for dessert.”

She popped the Pepsi open and waited to see if the contents would bubble up. It did. She

sucked the cola off the top of the can until the carbonation settled down, then gave the soda to

Junie guzzled several swigs before giving it back to her. Emily swished the can around in

a circle to test its volume—only a quarter of the liquid remained. Emily finished her half of the

sandwich, then washed it down with the last bit of Pepsi.

They plopped down against the wall beside the cabinet. Junie wrapped her arms around

her knees, keeping the dual-strap backpack sandwiched between her thighs and flat chest.

“Junie, that’s not yours. Where did you get it?”

Emily sighed, feeling disappointment spread across her body. “What’s in it?”

She shrugged. “I snatched it from those boys right before you showed up.”

Emily unzipped it and peered inside. “Uh-oh,” Emily groaned. “We’re in big trouble.”

She tipped it to the side and opened it wide so Junie could see the money inside. Lots of

it. Bundles and bundles of wrinkled $100 bills, each wrapped with a blue rubber band and slip of

notepaper with a four-digit number written on it.

Outside, the group of West Side Locos that had been pursuing the two street girls were

becoming agitated. Their leader, Flaco, was more than agitated: he was pissed. The chase had

taken them several blocks outside of their home turf and into enemy territory. He knew it was

only a matter of time before a member of the Glassford Gatos noticed their trespass. His crew

was light, no match for a full-out fight with a two-dozen-strong gang.

The crew stood in a loose bunch on the sidewalk at the far end of the alley where the girls

had disappeared. Flaco was sure that the girls couldn’t have made it all the way to the end before

his crew rounded the corner. They must be hiding in the alley somewhere.

“Where’d they go?” he yelled at his lieutenant, Nesto, shoving him against the wall, his

gun pointed up under his chin. “El stupido! You let that street chica snatch the buy money?”

“Get the fuck off me!” he yelled. “I didn’t do anything. She was already there. It was

your dumb-ass idea to set up the buy at the rec center. Back the fuck up.”

Flaco backed away, lowering his gun. He looked down the alley, the way they had come.

“Okay. They have to be in this alley somewhere. No way they made it all the way

through here before us. Split up. You two, this side; you two, that side,” he said, gesturing down

the alley. “Search everywhere. Garbage cans, dumpsters, everything. We gotta get it back. Nesto,

go back to the other end and keep eyes. I got this side.”

The crew split up, following his orders.

Flaco knew that if they didn’t find the money, he was a dead man. His uncle would kill

him without a second’s remorse. He’d trusted him to make this drop with the Russians—the first

really big one since he’d decided to quit high school and join the family business. He paced back

and forth, trying to find a way out of the situation. He was about to give up on the search when

one of his crew whistled from down the alley. It was the new kid, barely 14 years old. What was

his name? Derek? Kid didn’t look Latino, but he swore he’d grown up in Hope Gardens on the

West Side. Not that it mattered. His uncle told him to take him along and break him in, so he did.

“Do as you’re told, and don’t ask questions” was a phrase that he knew all too well.

The new kid was waving at him to come take a look at something.

Flaco ran down the alley at full speed. “What you got?”

“Doorway,” Derek replied, pushing the dumpster away from the wall. He pointed at the

doorframe where a torn shred of clothing was hanging on a nail. “Check it out. Wasn’t the older

Flaco smiled. “We got ‘em. Good eyes, new boot.”

Flaco heard a cry from Nesto, who was running toward them in a full gallop. “Policía!

A police cruiser came screeching to a halt, blocking the alley at the end where they’d

originally entered. The cop gave the siren a quick double blast and then called over the

“You there! Stop where you are! On the ground! Hands behind your head!”

Flaco and his crew took off running in the opposite direction, but another police cruiser

with lights flashing and engine roaring skidded into the mouth of the alley, trapping them.

“This way!” Flaco yelled, instantly reversing direction. He ran a few feet, then veered

and kicked in the door that the new kid had found. He ran into darkness, not expecting the

ground to disappear from under his feet. He yelled as he fell down the void face-first. He

bounced and flipped, cracking his head on one of the steps on the way to the bottom.

Emily’s spine tingled again, deep down at the base, but the tingle was stronger than

before. She knew it was coming, and she wasn’t going to be able to stop it this time. The

gunshots must have started the countdown. Guns always sent her mind into a blur and her heart

racing, charging her body with a rush of uncontrolled emotions that seemed to act as the trigger

for the blue light. Gunfire and gangs were two things that she had fought hard to avoid during

The jump was coming, but she couldn’t leave Junie to fend for herself. She needed to

think of something. She usually had seventeen minutes from the first tingle until the blue light

consumed her and she’d vanish. The pre-jump process used to proceed like clockwork, but lately

it had been different. The lead time was now ten minutes, tops, from the first indicator to the last

moment. Barely enough time to find seclusion before it happened. She didn’t understand why the

timer suddenly decided to change, it just had.

Now that she had a friend in tow, she couldn’t slip away into the shadows and let it take

her. Not with Junie depending on her. This is why you never break the rules, she scolded herself,

as she reviewed the list in her head. Her mind highlighted rule number seven in bold—never get

involved; nothing good ever comes from it.

Junie was babbling on and on, trying to explain what she was doing on the playground

next to the shelter in the middle of the night, and why she’d stolen a backpack from a bunch of

“I was sitting in my secret place under that little arbor thing, ya know, in the corner by

the bathrooms. I was waiting for some drunk to finish his dump and leave so I could wash up. I

heard the Locos coming up the walkway through the trees by the picnic tables so I hid. I knew

the bag was important because they were arguing about it. Then they all turned their backs and

kept yelling at each other. English mostly, but some Spanish sprinkled in. They just left it sitting

there on the picnic table. I thought I could sneak up and grab it and get away, then sell whatever

was in it. I hate living in that shelter, Em. Too much touching. I don’t like all those hugs, and

people wanting to give me a bath all the time. They think they have to help me just because Mom

leaves me alone for an hour to go out and get high. Plus it smells like vomit all the time.”

The tingle in Emily’s spine crept up to her shoulder blades, confirming what she already

“Shhhhh,” she said, covering Junie’s mouth with her hand. “I hear voices outside.”

“I don’t know. I can’t sense them. The walls must be blocking.”

They listened. There were muffled voices just outside the door, at the top of the stairs

where the dumpster had hid their escape route. Emily’s pulse started to pound even more,

thumping in her eardrums. The tingly feeling shot up to her neck. She took a deep breath, trying

to focus her thoughts away from the ticking bomb inside of her. She had to do something with

“We have to get out of here,” she whispered. “We can sneak out through the

upstairs—it’s a restaurant, and they close early. I doubt anyone is there this late, but we’ll

probably set off the alarm when we leave.”

“Do you remember my friend Parker that I told you about? The busboy?”

“He disabled the sensors on the back door so I can sleep here whenever it’s raining, or

when he leaves food out for me. Nobody ever comes down here except him when he takes the

trash out, so he leaves food for me whenever his boss leaves early. I never go beyond this

basement. That’s our deal. But we don’t have a choice this time. Just stick close and we’ll be

Junie’s eyes widened. She looked scared, but she nodded.

They got up and made their way across the room as shouting rang out from the alley

above. They froze. Emily heard a police siren chirp twice, then an amplified voice that sounded

like it was coming over a loudspeaker. Shit. Cops. Definitely cops.

“The Locos are trying to kick the door in!” Junie said.

Thump! Thump! Crack! The door at the top of the stairs to the alley slammed open, and

one of the West Siders came tumbling down head over heels. He fell through the door at the

bottom and landed on his side in a heap, just inside the entrance of the storeroom. His eyes were

closed and his head was bloody. He started to moan.

“Flaco?” a Latino voice called out from the top of the stairs. “Flaco? You okay?

Emily held a finger to her mouth, reminding Junie to be quiet.

The same voice spoke again. “Send Derek down to check.” A few moments later,

footsteps pounded the wooden steps, getting louder with each beat.

“Run!” Emily whispered in Junie’s ear, shoving Junie across the room toward the door

that led to the kitchen upstairs. Junie opened the door and ran up the steps. Emily was about to

follow her friend, but stopped when she heard another person breathing heavily behind her.

Something told her to turn and look at him. It felt like curiosity, but it was more than that.

He was young—too young. Maybe a little younger than she. The red glow of the exit sign

made it difficult to be sure, but his spiked hair looked to be jet-black, with triangle sections cut

down to the scalp above his ears. His eyes were either blue or green. She hoped blue. Tattoos

covered both of his forearms like a sleeve, and a single gold earring hung down below his left

ear. She didn’t recognize its unique shape—maybe it was a symbol, or something that he’d

made. He was two inches taller than she, with high cheekbones that perfectly offset his narrow,

Emily couldn’t help herself. She stared into the eyes of the pretty boy. A thought came

unbidden into her mind: he’s way too cute to be part of this.

“Damn girl, you’re smokin’,” he said, with a voice much lower than she had expected.

His eyes moved down across her figure, then back up.

She smiled when he made eye contact with her again, sensing that he wasn’t going to

shoot. He was calm and quiet on the inside. There was no malice in his thoughts, just a growing

Then a voice came flooding down the stairs, as did more footsteps, breaking the calm.

Derek bolted across the room at her. Emily came to her senses and lashed out with her

right foot, just like Master Liu had taught her. The lightning-fast front kick struck him in the

groin and he fell back to the doorway and landed on top of Flaco, temporarily blocking access

Emily ran upstairs and shut the door behind her, jamming a metal garbage can under the

Junie stepped out of the shadows in the dimly lit kitchen. She was holding a stainless

steel skillet cocked by her ear, ready to brain whoever came up the steps.

“It’s me!” Emily hissed, taking the weapon from her friend. She put it on the counter next

to the prep station. “Hurry, out the front. This way.”

She ran past Junie through the double swing doors where the dining room of the elegant

restaurant was waiting. Lights from the street cast shadows across the empty chairs, wooden

tables, and the bubbling lobster tank. The tables were covered with white tablecloths and folded

linen napkins, wineglasses, and elegant cutlery. The floor was spotless and shiny, and there was

Emily felt a tremor rise up through her body. What had begun as a tingle in her spine was

now an overwhelming, full-body sensation. She felt electrified and alive, like she always did

right before a jump, meaning that her senses had now been supercharged, allowing her to have

visions of the immediate future. Normally, she would use this ability to know where to hide until

the jump came and she could disappear. But this time, she couldn’t just use her abilities to

protect herself. She had to make sure Junie would be okay before she vanished.

She knew that another thug was about to start kicking at the door to the kitchen behind

her, and then bolt through it and find his way into the dining area, where he’d start shooting his

machine gun. She could sense his plans, and felt the anger boiling inside his chest. It wasn’t the

pretty boy that she’d kicked in the basement. This one was itching to kill.

She waited a few seconds for what she knew would come next. It did—the extra strength

that hard-charged her muscles, allowing her to become stronger and faster, but only for a short

time. It would fade from her body the moment time began to slow down, which was the last step

She scooped Junie in her arms like a rag doll, ran across the dining room in a flash, and

dove over a low wall that separated the foyer from the dining room. Junie sat in a ball, clutching

the backpack to her chest, holding onto it for dear life.

“You know they don’t serve peanut butter in a place like this,” Junie mumbled.

“My mom used to be a hostess, so I know. Your friend must have brought it from home. I

She took Junie’s head in her hands and looked her in the eyes. “Listen to me. We don’t

have much time. As soon as I’m gone, wait for the glass to break on the front window. Then go

through it and run outside. Hide the backpack somewhere safe and go find the cops.”

“This time we do. They’ll protect you. They’re holding back now, but they’ll be here in a

“After I’m gone, you’ll hear gunfire, but don’t be afraid. The bullets won’t be coming at

you. A man will scream, and then glass will break. That’s when you run. After the glass breaks.

Junie gulped as tears began to flow, but she seemed to pull it together. She sniffed and

“You should use a tablecloth so you don’t get cut,” she said, helping Junie put her

“It might take me a while, but I’ll find you. Now cover your ears, and don’t scream when

you hear gunshots. He won’t be aiming at you. Just wait for the glass.”

Emily heard the double doors swing open and smash against the walls on either side of

Emily took a breath and steadied herself for what she was about to do. The closer she got

to a jump, the more it happened: time got slow and she got fast, but only for about fifteen

seconds of her time immediately preceding a jump.

She felt the blue energy rise up through her body, telling her that it was time to act.

She sprang over the wall and ran at the gunman in a cloud of blue. She could see three

bullets just leaving his gun, hanging in midair, with smoke trails behind them. She touched the

bottom of each bullet with her finger as she zipped past them, then grabbed the wrist on the

man’s gun hand and added a twisting force to it.

She turned her attention to the second villain who had been frozen in time, stepping

through the double swing doors. There was another man in the kitchen behind him, but she didn’t

see the pretty boy, Derek, anywhere. She grabbed the second man’s shoulders and spun him

around so that his gun was facing the third man, who was not far behind. She gently touched the

trigger finger of the second gunman, then moved to the third Loco and did the same with his

She dashed out of the kitchen and into the dining room, where she applied pressure to the

underside of a table built to seat eight people, calculating the trajectory of its flight in her head.

She knelt on the ground, then curled herself into the fetal position and waited for the last

second of the countdown to tick by. It did.

The jump pain hit as her body began to sizzle with blue lines of energy, like tiny

lightning bolts crisscrossing her skin. A searing bolt of agony shot from the back of her skull to

the center of her forehead, just as she was consumed by the blue fire and vanished.

Junie heard things happen just as Emily had described: first there were three shots of

gunfire that tore through the ceiling panels above her, then a man screaming in pain, then more

gunshots, then more screaming, then glass breaking, and a second after that, the alarm system

She took a deep breath and ran to the front window, seeing a man on his knees holding

his wrist, and two bodies a little further back lying on the floor, bleeding from their chests. She

snatched a tablecloth, stepped on the wooden chair closest to the broken window, spread the

tablecloth over the bottom of the frame, and climbed out. She heard sirens coming from the right,

but she decided to go left instead, running as fast as her feet could take her.

Jay J. Falconer is an independent author,

publisher, blogger, editor, engineer and Sci-Fi junkie

who lives in the mountains of northern Arizona where

the brisk, clean air and stunning mountain views inspire

his workday. He makes his online home at: and is an active

member author with

Mr. Falconer is the author of the critically acclaimed Narrows of Time Series and

The Emily Heart Time Jumper Series, and is currently developing an all new

apocalyptic Sci-Fi series called Redfall, The Flames of Tomorrow, due to be

Be sure to watch the video trailer for the Author's Narrows of Time book series by

cutting and pasting this link:





1 set of the series (all 3 paperbacks) and $25 amazon gift card to 1 lucky winner
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates